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Window Furnishing Trends For 2022
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This year, we're looking to trends as a way of life. 

Interior trends for 2022 is more than just ‘simply fashion’.  The events in recent times have forced a change in behaviour, one which was slowly emerging, a focus on our own nurturing, comfort and calm.  Here’s three major trends to look out for …


Biophilic Design 

Twenty Twenty-Two is the year that Biophilic Design will dominate.  This move to nature-inspired design is predicted to be the next big thing.  In fact, it has been one of the most searched trends according to Pinterest.  Biophilic Design is a concept that is becoming more mainstream in the architecture and interior design industries.  It embraces our need to maintain our connection with the natural world.


Timber Shutter Blinds and Plants 

Window furnishings including curtains, Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds in woven nature inspired fabrics are becoming increasingly popular.  So too are Venetian Blinds and Plantation Shutters in sustainable timber or timber looks.  Honeycomb Blinds with its hundreds of tiny cells is a classic example of nature’s efficient design that has a practical attribute as well as an aesthetic one, and that is that it has acoustic and thermal benefits when used in the home.


Curves are in

Curves instantly add ‘Personality’ to interior spaces.  Curved couches, walls, kitchen islands, and bars will be big in 2022.  German blogger Luisa says she “cannot get enough of curved furniture and details.  Window furnishings including curtains for soft flowing curves or Roman Blinds for a more structured look are sure to gain in popularity. 

Curved Couch in Living Room

It’s time to think outside the square and add some personality to parts of your home or office that needs sprucing up.  Dealing with a boring space?  Try a curved rug.  Add some pots and curvy plants.  Hang some prints or paintings on your wall that contain big bold modern curves in the image.  Many artists like mother-daughter duo Miimi and Jiinda have seen such a high demand for their creatively curvy brush strokes due to this rising trend.


Mindful Spaces

Having designated spots for mindfulness is a game changer for so many of us currently working and learning from home.  You’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to put some DIY magic into creating these healthy spaces …


Create a Yoga Zone …

Incorporate a few gentle earth-based green finishes into a corner space - a rug, yoga mats and cushioning.  Add some Venetian Blinds or curtains to create the right light conditions, allowing the outdoors in, and controlling airflow.  Arrange a few curvy pots and green leafy plants.


Chill Out Zone Interior Trend 

Try arranging a Chill-Out Zone …

Designed for quiet-play such as drawing or completing a puzzle, this zone can be located in a section of bedroom or playroom.  Use a soft coloured light-filter Honeycomb Blind, in neutral hues like Frost or Ivory, to help define the area.  Arrange some soft furnishings including a large soft rug, beanbag and cushions.  Add puzzles, a sketchpad and some books.


Reading Nook Interior Trend For 2022 

Set the scene with a Reading Nook …

In terms of styling, begin with arranging a daybed, beanbag or sofa with blankets, throws and cushions in different shapes and sizes.  Add a Day Night Roller Blind to allow maximum reading light during the day and then maximum privacy at night.  Finish with a curvy side table to store books, magazines and indoor plants to emphasise natural connection.  It’s important to keep this space away from busy areas such as kitchen and TV Room, so you can really tap into your zen.


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