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The Many Advantages of Day Night Blinds & Curtains
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Advantages of Day Night Blinds and Curtains

Do you struggle to find the right balance between natural light and privacy in your home? Day Night blinds and curtains might be the perfect solution for you!

These versatile window coverings are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to provide the best of both worlds: natural light during the day and privacy at night. Here are some advantages of Day Night Blinds and Curtains:


Day Night blinds are designed to be adjustable, so you can control the amount of light that enters your space throughout the day and night. During the day, you can lower the day fabric of the blind while keeping the night fabric of the blind up to let in natural light. At night, you can lower the night fabric to maintain privacy and keep out unwanted light.


Day Night blinds also come in a variety of colors and styles, making them a stylish addition to any home. With 2 different fabrics means you can mix and match different colours for a striking look, or go for similar Day and Night colours to blend in. Whether you're looking for a bright, bold look to stand out or a clean, minimalistic look to blend in, there's a day night blind that will fit your style.

Easy to Install

Veneta® Day Night Blinds are designed for a quick and reliable installation with a finished look that you would expect from a professional installer. These shades can be mounted inside or outside the window frame, depending on your preference.


Window Coverings with Day Night Options:

Day Night Honeycomb Blinds

Day Night Honeycomb Blinds are a superior solution for those who not only want to control light and privacy all throughout the day, but also want to better insulate their home. Honeycomb Blinds offer excellent insulating properties with their unique cellular structure trapping air within the cells and creating a barrier between inside and out. Day Night Honeycomb Blind operation can either be corded or cordless.

The day fabric of the Day Night Honeycomb Blind is a sheer fabric that offers UV protection and allows you to have a filtered view whilst offering a layer of protection for your windows. The night fabric is either a light filter or a blockout fabric, depending on how you want to control the lighting, as both fabric options offer full privacy.

Day Night Honeycomb Bedroom

View Our Day Night Honeycomb Blinds

Day Night Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds

Our Day Night Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds also feature 2 fabrics of different Honeycomb transparencies in the same blind - one that lets in more natural light during the daytime and the other for extra privacy at night. Both fabrics can be separately raised and lowered by the handles on their top and bottom rails. This feature sets our product apart from any other Day Night Blind in both function and style, as it provides you with extra control over light, airflow and view.
Not only does our Day Night Smartfit Honeycomb Blind offer superior control, but it is also designed to be incredibly secure. Each corner of the blind is attached to the window, minimising movement of the blind if attached to tilt-and-turn windows or french doors

View Our Day Night Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds

Day Night Roller Blinds

Day Night Roller Blinds are a common choice found in Australian homes. Whilst the day and the night fabric of the Day Night Roller Blind is operated independently, they are both installed on the one bracket, keeping them compact inside or outside the window frame. Day Night Roller Blinds have chain or chainless control options, with the chainless option offering a child safe solution for those homes with small children and pets. Day Night Roller Blinds can be made in a number of combinations with either sunscreen, light filter or blockout fabric available for the Day Night Roller Blind combinations.

Motorised Day Night Roller Blinds - Lounge Room

View Our Day Night Roller Blinds

Day Night Curtains

Day Night Curtains are a common modern touch added to homes and seen frequently in bedrooms and living rooms. All pleat types can be made as a day night curtain combination. Choose from either Pinch PleatReverse Pleat or a Wave Fold pleat design. With Day Night Curtains, they come as two separate Curtains and are operated independently as they are installed on two separate tracks.

The Day Curtain is commonly made from a Sheer fabric that is commonly used during the day time to add a layer of protection on top of your windows. This also adds an elegant touch to your windows and allows you to have a sheer view and filters sunlight.

The Night Curtain is commonly made from a Blockout fabric or a Dim Out fabric which is a thicker, heavier fabric or has a coating on the back to completely blockout sunlight. The Night Curtain also allows you to protect your privacy and are an excellent choice to help improve insulation. Whilst commonly used at night time, the Night Curtain is also used throughout the day to blockout sunlight, which is perfect for shift workers and nurseries.

Day Night Curtains - Bedroom

Day Night Blinds & Curtains

If you like to the look of curtain and the functionality of blinds, then make your own day night combination with a blind and a curtain. Common Day Night Blinds and Curtain combinations include Roller Blind with a Curtain or Roman Blind with a Curtain. Depending on how you use your window coverings, choose either the blind to be the Night Blind or the Curtain. Commonly the blind is installed inside the window frame and the curtain on the outside of the window frame or to the ceiling to create the illusion to higher ceilings.

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