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Believe it or not, measuring & installing your Veneta Blinds is a lot easier than you may think. Gone are the days of needing a handy man to install your blinds or shutters. We have simplified the installation process, included detailed installation instructions that will be provided with your order.

Please note, we take deductions for all reveal fit blinds & shutters, so please provide your exact reveal measurements with no deductions when ordering.

If you are looking for specifics on reveal depths required or deductions we take when manufacturing, simply go to the individual product page you want the details on, and look at the "Drive Control Options" section which will give you all the specifications on that control type.

Roman Blinds Installation Instructions & videos

Shutters Installation Instructions & videos

Create your new blind in 4 easy steps

Explore our product pages to find the right blind for your individual needs.
Follow the simple "How to Measure" videos on that product page. Go to
the "Design your Own" to build, customise and price your blind. We
will manufacture your custom premium product and deliver it to your door, all installation
instructions are supplied with your product with simple step by step detail.
All of our products are designed to be easily installed.