Honeycomb Blinds

It’s never been easier to keep your cool with Veneta’s collection of premium cellular shades. This range features an efficient, insulating pleated design that works to significantly reduce your air conditioner’s workload, as well as the price of your power bills. Whether it’s for the home or office, we offer a stunning collection of cellular blinds that are suitable for all window applications. Start browsing our full collection of honeycomb blinds online, and spruce up your space with premium shades today.

Why Honeycomb Blinds are so great?

Honeycomb Blinds are available in multiple configurations to suit every window type in your home. All Honeycomb blinds have great thermal insulating properties and can help reduce your heating and cooling costs in both summer and winter.

Honeycomb Shade Options

Veneta's range of transparency options provide the perfect solution for each room in your home. Blockout fabrics significantly block out the sunlight reducing up to 100% UV light. While light filtering fabrics create softer lighting for any room in the home. Veneta® sheers, block 49.9% of UV light offering a screened view of the streetscape and a degree of daylight privacy.

Child Safe 'Best For Kids'

Our cordless option is certified 'Best for Kids' as the system is free of external cords preventing potential choking hazards within the home. All Veneta® corded window furnishings are either fitted with unique safety breakaway tassels or cord guides that make cords safer in the home.

Lift Systems

Veneta has a lift system perfect for your window furnishing solution. Pick from our unique Cordless drive system, Corded or Cordloop options. Our child safe Cordless option is perfect for all homes. Our Corded option are best used for longer windows that are mounted high and our Cordloop option is perfect for those wider openings. Please speak to us for the perfect solution for your home.

Energy Savings

By combining unique cell design and advanced materials, Honeycomb blinds are made to provide superior insulation. Enjoy energy savings of up to 34% and acoustic dampening properties with a Honeycomb Blind. Feel warm in winter and cool in summer with high performing Honeycomb Blinds.

Cell Size

A gallery of colours are available in three unique cell sizes. Its a matter of personal taste when it comes to choosing the right cell size. Small cells provide a crisp clean modern look when the larger cell option has a softer look. To see the difference, we will provide you with the three cell options when you order free samples.

Light Effect

Veneta offers three levels of transparency in its Honeycomb range. Sheer is a see through fabric that cuts around 50% of UV. Light filter fabric provides a glow of light during the day with privacy limited to vague shadows visible outside at night. Block out has a foil lining making the fabric opaque.


The unique construction of our honeycomb insulates your home from cold during winter and heat in summer to lower your energy bills. Choose from single or double cell for your unique design and energy efficiency needs. However, for the most effective insulation, select double cell.

Honeycomb Blind - Options

Build your blind how you want it - select from colours, cell sizes & fabric transparencies. You can also select your control types, cordless, corded or cordloop. Honeycomb Blinds offer many customisation options. Make your blind how you want it to look and function, the choice is yours.



Multiple Cell Options



Industry Leader On Cellular Blinds

As Australia’s leader in window coverings, our years of industry experience is reflected through the quality of our shades. Transforming your home with the latest trends in cellular blinds has never been so easy. Always on the forefront, our reputable collection is regularly updated with design innovations and fresh cosmetic options. So whether you’re looking to spruce up your living room, kitchen or bedroom windows, you can be certain that Veneta will provide you with custom honeycomb blinds that won’t disappoint.

Rohit V.

Love the honeycomb texture.

“I love the look of our new honeycomb blinds, we have the top down bottom up so it lets us control light and privacy at the same time, very versatile...”

Rohit V.

Rohit V.

3 days ago
Carrie P.

Feels warmer at night when the temperature drops

"We really noticed the temperature difference when we installed the honeycomb vertical on our glass sliding doors..."

Carrie P.

Carrie P.

12 days ago
Katie C.

Smartfit solved our dilemma

"We had a dilemma on how we could add some privacy to our french doors, Smartfit solved that easily just wish we had these years ago..."

Katie C.

Katie C.

Honeycomb Blind Reviews

Premium Honeycomb Blinds Online

There’s no better place to order window coverings online, and no need to spend time visiting a physical retailer. At Veneta, we offer a hassle-free buying process for made to measure honeycomb blinds. This is because our entire collection is available to shop online, and once you’ve chosen your dream custom honeycomb blinds, we swiftly ship your order directly from the factory. This in turn lowers the cost of our custom cellular blinds by removing the need for expensive showrooms and middlemen. We believe that a great online shopping experience and an even greater customer support team, makes our shades stand out from the rest.

Some Ideas & Inspiration

Explore some commonly asked questions and find inspiration for your home window furnishings. Veneta products offer full customization options for you so you can design it exactly how you would like it to be, the choice is yours.

If you would like some help or ideas with a tricky window, our product specialists are available by phone or video consultation to assist you and provide some inspirational options for your home.

Custom Cellular Shades To Last A Lifetime

Our bespoke services allow you to intuitively customise your cellular blinds order so that they’re tailored to your decor. We provide plenty of cosmetic options when designing your dream custom honeycomb blinds. This way, you can personally design shades that complement your space. Explore our Colour Samples to view the range of colour options available for each specific shade variety.

Colour options are not the only thing you have control over. To help style and enhance your home even more, explore a number of design options to personalise your own custom honeycomb blinds that come with your desired functionality features. For example, this includes our cordless honeycomb blinds, which is a great option for spaces regularly occupied by young children.

We’ve made it effortless to upgrade your room by offering an extensive range of custom shades, arriving in a number of different styles. This includes our Bottom Up Honeycomb Blinds, Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Blinds, Day Night Blinds (double honeycomb blinds on a single bracket system), Vertical Honeycomb Blinds, Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds, and Skylight Blinds. What are you waiting for? Shop now as our bespoke service allows you to order made to measure shades that fit perfectly into your window space. Offering a collection of premium, custom cellular blinds, Veneta is your one-stop-shop for quality window coverings. Design your own custom honeycomb window blinds via our website today.

Saving You Money With Our Easy DIY Measure & Install Approach

One of the benefits of ordering cellular blinds online with us is that we swiftly deliver your shutters directly from our factory. Our online approach can save you up to 70% on custom cellular blinds! As the industry leader in Australian window coverings, we are the more affordable choice compared to other in-home visit, measure and install business models. With Veneta, our DIY approach saves you from paying exorbitant prices on measurement and installation services. Not only do we provide premium quality and savings, our unique, custom and DIY service grants you full control during the design phase. In the comfort of your own home, you’ll be able to choose styles and colours to match the room, and customise your blinds to meet your specific needs. Worried about making a measuring mistake? As part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we provide a Measure Insurance for every order.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee For All Window Shades

What sets us apart?

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is industry leading, and not offered anywhere other than Veneta. Unlike other providers, this includes a free and comprehensive video or phone consultation that guides you through the easy measurement process, our unbeatable 8 year warranty, and our uncompromising customer service.

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Cellular blinds are also regularly referred to as honeycomb blinds. Like all other blinds, they’re an essential amenity that allows you to control the level of lighting that enters the room. They also allow you to maintain a level of privacy by obscuring the interior of the room, and these shades are characterised by their neat pleats that either open up or fold in on themselves. There are a number of benefits to honeycomb blind designs over other alternatives. Most notable is their excellent ability to insulate heat. Browsing our range of cellular blinds online will allow you to explore a range of design variations that are best suited to specific applications.

They take their name after the shape of their cells - a hex shaped tunnel of air that resembles a honeycomb when viewed from the side. These cells have folded pleats which will collapse into themselves when the shades are being opened. Cordless cellular blinds would require you to manually extend or collapse the cells to open and close your blinds. This is a great option for spaces occupied by young children. Alternatively, there are traditional cellular blinds that come with either corded or cordloop drive controls.

One of the reasons why these shades are so popular is that they have efficient insulating qualities. If you have the insatiable desire to always have the air conditioner on then investing in cellular blinds will be well worth the cost. Installing cellular blinds will ensure that your space effectively stays cool in the summer, and warm during the winter.

These shades feature a design that intrinsically has efficient insulating qualities. The air-pockets within the blinds serve to increase their overall R-value. R-value is a unit of measurement, regularly used in the insulation industry that records how well a surface is able to resist the flow of heat. This not only prevents heat from entering the room during the summer, but also prevents heat from escaping during the winter.

This range starts at around $152. Being that we offer such highly customisable cellular blinds, the cost of your order can vary significantly. There are a number of factors that determine the cost of your cellular shades. Most notable are the size of your blinds, as well as the variation you choose. At Veneta, we offer cellular shades in these variations; Bottom Up Blinds, Top Down Bottom Up, Day Night Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Smartfit Blinds, and Skylight Blinds. For an accurate quote, Design Your Own Honeycomb Blinds. This will allow us to generate a quote tailored to the specs of your custom shades.

All of our shades arrive with detailed and coherent instructions. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with simple step by step illustrated directions to guide you through the entire process. We also have informative video instructions for many of our cellular shades. Check out our How To Install section for more specific instructions.

These window coverings have a reputation for being a little more difficult to clean compared to other types of shutters. Although once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that cleaning these shades is actually fairly simple. To remove dust and other detritus from these window coverings, it’s advisable to use a vacuum cleaner on a low setting. Using the vacuum, make a gentle sweeping motion to clean the surface of your shutters. The part where some people start to struggle is when they try to clean the interior of the blinds. The air pockets within the cells may be prone to the build up of dust. This is where having a can of compressed air can be useful. Applying compressed air to the openings of the cells will easily blow out any debris through the openings.