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How to Soundproof a Room with Blinds

Do you live on a noisy street, have loud neighbours or lots of barking dogs in your community? Do you wish you could find an easy, inexpensive way to lessen the noise and get a little peace and quiet once in awhile? Well today, we are here to give you the answer to your problems, window coverings. We have put together a great guide on how to soundproof a room with blinds, including the best types of blinds for reducing noise entering your home. Window coverings are a great solution as they are an inexpensive easy way to add noise insulation to your home. They will also offer many other great benefits to your home such as privacy, light control, protecting your furniture, blocking detrimental UV rays, decreases cooling and heating costs. So really the question is, why wouldn’t you want to purchase blinds for your home? We also have provided a few other tips and tricks to further soundproof a room in case you need a little extra noise reduction.

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Honeycomb Blinds

The best window covering option for soundproofing a room is Honeycomb Blinds. The number and size of the fabric cells of Honeycomb Blinds does block out noise. However, mostly the added noise reduction comes from their honeycomb shape, which traps noise coming through your windows and stops a majority of it coming into your home, just as it does with air. Opt for honeycomb blinds with a blackout fabric or double cells to double the reduction of noise entering your home.  Veneta’s honeycomb blinds have the option of being motorised to for even more convenience and ease when using your blinds. This will make it easier to quickly rid the house of noise as you can easily close all your blinds at once with very little energy exerted. Honeycomb blinds work really well in a home media or entertainment room as they block out noise and light, which is a must when trying to create a cinematic atmosphere at home.

Honeycomb Vertical Blinds

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Roman Blinds

If you were looking for a window covering that is more stylish and elegant than the honeycomb blind, then Roman Blinds would be another great pick for soundproofing your room. The thickness and density of the fabric in roman blinds helps block noise from home. The fabrics heaviness traps noise entering your home between the window and the blind as it delivers an extra level of protection.  Although light filtering roman blinds will add some protection the most effective will be a blockout roman blind, because they are more effective at blocking out noise. When it comes to selecting the fabric for your blind choose the thickest fabric available, as that will be best for soundproofing your room.  

Roman Blinds

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Combining Window Treatment

Another option you have to soundproof your room is to use more than one window covering. Although blinds decrease some noise entering your home it is not their primary function.  If you require more soundproofing then provided by one blind why not use two window coverings. For example, you could use a honeycomb blind and curtains. As the honeycomb blind is very efficient at soundproofing a room adding a curtain will reduce even more noise, as the thickness of the fabric like Roman Blinds, will decrease the sound entering the house. You could also try combining roman blinds and curtains for a more stylish finish to your interior.

Blog_Curtains & Blinds

Our guide on how to soundproof a room with blinds has presented you with a few different options for reducing noise entering your home. What option you go for will all depend on how much external noise you experience in your home. If it's only a moderate amount of noise roman blinds would probably be the best option for removing noise from your home as well as adding a stylish finish to your interior. If your home suffers from more intense noise then a more efficient honeycomb blind may be the way to go and if the noise is just unbearable you may want to go for a combination of window treatments such as curtains and honeycomb blinds.

Other tips for soundproofing a room

If blinds do not provide enough noise reduction to the room or your home, here are some other great options for further sound proofing your home:

Add rugs or carpets

As well as adding blinds and curtains to your home to soundproof, another great way is to either carpet the floor or add thick rugs to your existing floors. As the carpet or rug absorbs noise as footsteps echo louder on uncovered flooring. Cut-pile carpeting has been found more effective at absorbing sound then loop pile. Adding a foam rubber backing to your carpet is also great at helping to reduce the noise.

Replace your doors

Most interior doors are hollow, which do very little in terms of noise reduction.  Replacing interior doors with particle board-core, composite-core or solid-wood doors provides much more noise reduction as its mass dampens the unwelcome sound.

Upgrade your windows

Often a lot of noise comes through the cracks in the windows, filling in the cracks and gaps in your windows with caulk sealant can help prevent noise coming through the windows. Another more expensive way to block out noise is to replace your existing glass with triple pane glass. These two tips along with window blinds and curtains will be really effective at preventing external sound entering your home through your windows.

Sound absorbing paint

Another great recent invention is sound absorbing paint, which is specifically created to reflect and absorb noise and can reduce it by up to 30%.

Use bookcases and books

Bookcases filled with books and other decorative objects on an external wall are another great way to create a barrier against unwelcome noise. The shelves have to be full to be effective though so don’t leave too many shelves free.

Wall hangings

Wall hangings are another great option and absorb noise that enters the room through the walls. Another step up is to fabric the walls using stylish fabrics such as wool or faux suede, although this can be quite expensive, as generally it needs to be professionally done.

Blinds are a great way to soundproof a room as a lot of the unwanted noise that enters your home comes through your windows. Using a blind or a combination of blinds and curtains will help prevent the unwanted noise coming into your home. If it is still too noisy even after installing your blinds, have a look at other tips and use some of our other suggested options to try and crack down on that unwanted noise. Hopefully this article has helped educate you on the best blind options for reducing noise, with honeycomb and curtain combination as the most efficient option.  There are a lot of cost effective ways to reduce sound without having to resort to more expensive options, which are great particularly if you are renting and don’t have the option of installing soundproofing panels in the walls or changing windows and doors. For renters, the best options are installing blinds and curtains, using wall hangings and rugs as well as bookcases on external facing walls. Follow all our tricks and tips to make your home more peaceful and quiet.

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