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The blind innovation that keeps your children and pets safe
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I would like to introduce you to a little, often ignored issue relating to safety in the home. This is not intended to frighten anyone but offer a catalyst of thought to a potential hazard within your home……Corded blinds.  

Veneta Blinds have Corded blinds available and each of our corded blinds are supplied with a safety tassel and a cord cleat to ensure the cords do not present an innocent and unsuspecting accident in the home. 


The safety tassel for peace of mind

Many children and pets world wide have been injured, or worse killed, by blind cords, so this piece has been written not scare you but, offer insight and warning to the potential dangers of corded blinds.

Veneta blinds corded options have a safety tassel that breaks apart when side ways pressure is placed on the cords. Where blinds require multiple cords to lift the blind, we place a safety tassel where the multiple cords come out of the blind so that if a child or pet were to separate the cords and place their head in the gap, the cords would simply separate and avoid any further danger. 


Minimise the risk of injury

We also supply a cleat that we encourage all our Customers to place to the side of the window to wind up any excess cords. This also minimises the risk of injury as loose cords are coiled up within the cleat.


In the United States of America, corded blinds are now no longer available. Only cordless options are available in the USA and Veneta blinds is already on the front foot when it comes to cordless options. 


The future is cordless

We are one of the first Ecommerce DIY blind suppliers in the Australian market to offer cordless blinds across our full range including Honeycomb, Romans, Rollers and Venetians. 


The unique systems designed and built by our factory are leading the market with gentle to use and reliable operation. In some instances, cordless blinds may not be suitable however, we highly recommend considering a cordless option, particularly for those with young children and pets.




Like some assistance?  Give our team at Veneta a call on (07) 3262 6888 or if you’re ready to build your blind and add measurements, simply shop now.

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