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Roller blind designer fabrics to enhance light and mood.
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Veneta Blinds offers numerous designer selected fabric variations to suit a variety of light conditions and décor tastes.  Fabrics are more than about aesthetic, they are made to enhance the light conditions of any room, and unique requirements of the customer.  Three broad transparency weights separate Veneta blinds fabrics and they are Blockout, Light Filter and Sunscreen.


As the name implies, blockout fabrics are designed to block light from passing through the fabric.  Perfect for infants or night workers who need absolute dark and private environment conditions in order to sleep during daylight hours. Blockout fabrics could also be used to block out external light at night, caused by street lighting or other nearby light sources. 


Light Filter

Light filter fabrics are designed to filter out some of the light, while letting some light through. As an example… imagine holding a bedsheet up to your window.The fabric will glow with light during the day but no-one will see clearly through it.  At night when it is dark outside and light inside, the material will also glow to the outside of the home and only vague silhouette images will be seen from the outside as you walk past the window. 



Fabrics that fall under the Sunscreen selection have a more open weave. Imagine a very fine flyscreen-like material? Though a terrible similarity, the open structure of the fabric is similar.  Sunscreen fabrics are fine, yet rugged and are designed to allow maximum light through.  With Sunscreen fabrics, the lighter the colour, the harder it is to see through them. That’s why flyscreens are always black.



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