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Why Choose Honeycomb Blinds?
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Our team of window-furnishing experts are eager to make your life easier.
We've detailed 4 reasons below for why you should choose Honeycomb blinds for your next window furnishing solution!


Energy Efficient

Honeycomb blinds are the ‘cleverly simple’ solution to furnishing your windows. In fact, they are the most energy-efficient blinds on the market and help balance climate extremes, making your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 

Utilising unique cellular construction and advanced materials, Honeycomb Blinds create a layer of insulation, for substantial energy savings and thermal protection.


Sound Dampening

Also, Honeycomb blinds help to dampen sound. When it comes to blocking out noise from the outside in, as well as the inside out, Honeycomb Blinds trap noise within the fabric cells.  Clever, huh?!

Honeycomb Blinds are the superior choice when it comes to absorbing sound within the cells, making them the perfect solution for homes with hard flooring, homes with small children, and in media rooms. Honeycomb blinds in blockout fabric and double cells further increase the soundproofing efficiency in a room.



Our 45mm double cell Honeycomb blind is perfect for increased insulation & sound reduction.


Child Safe

Our Cordless option makes Honeycomb Blinds child safe and pet safe as it is a completely cordless option, making them effective in preventing entanglements. 


Our Cordless Honeycomb Blinds.


Quality manufacturing

Quality Manufacturing

Over 45 years of innovation from one of the world’s leading manufacturers has resulted in one of the best systems available on the market. Constant refinement of the product mechanisms has delivered a smoother, quieter and more consistent operation.

The very best fabrics are made free from billowing, creeping and drooping and make Veneta’s Honeycomb Blinds some of the most beautiful aesthetic designs on the market today.

Choosing the right colour can be difficult, but we have a solution!

Did you know you can get 12 FREE colour samples sent straight to your door? 
We want to ensure you choose the right colour for your home. Choose from over 60 Honeycomb colours today!

I want to choose my colours now!


Click SHOP NOW to browse Honeycomb Blinds.

Choose your option and start building your blinds virtually on our website. Measure your windows, select your options, get instant pricing, order samples, and have your made-to-measure blinds delivered to your door.

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