Slash your Electricity Bills with Veneta's Honeycomb Blinds!

Veneta Honeycomb Blinds are made with a unique cellular structured fabric that traps air within their cells to create layers of insulation (similar principle to double glazed windows).

“Electricity prices jump 12 per cent, six times the average pay rise” The Sydney Morning Herald, January 2018

Honeycomb blinds will protect your home against heat loss in winter and unwanted solar heat gain in the hot summer months creating a comfortable indoor living environment all year round. They also substantially reduce the energy consumed to heat or cool your home which will give you a pleasant surprise when you get your quarterly electricity bill.

This diagram shows how Veneta Honeycomb Blinds trap air within the cells, preventing the transfer of warm or cool air through windows and sliding glass doors.

Honeycomb Blinds will significantly reduce your annual home heating and cooling energy costs and lessen your carbon footprint by reducing your energy consumption. Honeycomb Blinds with a blockout fabric are the most energy efficient product in the Veneta range.

This next diagram shows how Veneta’s Honeycomb Blinds work to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. In the winter months, the blind keeps warm air in and cool air out and in the summer months blocks heat from entering the home and keeps the cool air inside.

Did You Know?

Blockout and Double Cell Honeycomb fabrics are the most energy efficient products in the Veneta range.

The appliances that keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter generally use the most electricity in your home or office - on average 40% of your total energy usage.

Heat transfer through windows and glass doors contribute to a high level of energy loss, severely reducing the effectiveness of heating and cooling your home or office. The impact on your comfort and costs can be considerable, for example:

  • In winter, up to 40% of your home's heating energy can leak out through your windows*
  • In summer, up to 87% of heat gain can be caused through uncovered glass windows and doors*
  • In the summer month's, heat gain through an uncovered window can be 100 times greater than an uncovered insulated wall in the same location*

*The above statistics were provided by the Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy, show why it is important to take appropriate measures to insulate your windows and glass doors to reduce rising energy costs.

Choosing suitable window coverings that will help to protect your home all your round, can help you save up to 34% on your energy bills. 


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