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Best Blinds For Sliding Doors

Connecting our indoor living environment with the outside world is a desire that most homeowners wish to achieve. An easy way to achieve that indoor-outdoor living style is to install large sliding doors. However, with this comes the lack of privacy and temperature control. With the harsh Australian climate, temperature control is important and the need for privacy is more relevant then ever, with newer homes on smaller blocks and closer together. This is where blinds step in. Below are the best blinds for sliding doors and how you could make them work in your home.

Sliding Door

1. Temperature Control

When it comes to temperature control for Australian homes, one of the most common areas of the home that transmits sunlight is glass windows and doors, especially glass sliding doors. As sliding doors in the home are made up of large glass panels, sunlight can easily enter the home, making it difficult to regulate temperatures all year round. Blinds help to regulate those temperatures, resulting in a more comfortable living environment and helping to save on energy bills.

The best blind for sliding doors that will help to regulate temperature, is a Honeycomb Blind. The Honeycomb Blind has a unique cellular structure that traps air within its cells, helping to keep the home cool in summer and warm in winter. Honeycomb Blinds come in a vertical cordless option which is not only great for families with small children and pets, but also eliminates dangling cords which can be obtrusive when the blind is in use especially with heavy foot traffic. The Vertical Honeycomb Blinds can stack left and right, ensuring they are tucked away neatly and not obtrusive to any foot traffic using the sliding door.

Vertical Honeycomb

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2. Privacy Control

Privacy is one of the main concerns for homeowners and unfortunately when it comes to large glass sliding doors, they lack the privacy control element. This is where blinds come in and allow you to increase privacy whilst still enjoying that indoor-outdoor lifestyle. When it comes to finding the best blind for sliding doors, most homeowners are looking for a blind solution that is easy to use, won’t be obtrusive but still offer privacy control.

One of the most common blinds for sliding doors is the Roller Blind, also known as a Holland Blind. The Roller Blind is a quintessential blind for many Australian families as they are so versatile and suit a wide range of décor styles. They are an excellent solution for sliding doors as they roll up neatly into an unobtrusive roll. Roller Blinds are excellent privacy control blinds. The best options for a Roller Blind with maximum privacy is to choose a blockout fabric. This will ensure 100% privacy is achieved when the Roller Blind is fully open. The best thing about Roller Blinds is that they can be opened to any desired position. The Roller Blind can also be combined using a blockout fabric and a light filter or sunscreen fabric to give you different levels of privacy throughout the day. This is called a Day & Night Roller Blind which essentially gives you ultimate control over privacy.

Sliding Door Blinds

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3. Blind Style vs. Functionality

Possibly the toughest challenge homeowners face when it comes to choosing sliding door blinds is style vs. function. Whilst many would say function is most important, it is possible to find a solution that will suit your interior décor style and give you the functionality you need when it comes to finding the best blinds for sliding doors. Whilst there are many factors to consider when buying blinds, functionality and how the blind is used in the home is one of the highest factors of consideration. When it comes to the functionality of the sliding door, ask yourself the following questions.

- Is the sliding door used every day/is there heavy foot traffic through the sliding door? Choose an unobtrusive blind solution such as a Vertical Honeycomb Blind.

- Does the sliding door have direct sunlight entering through the glass? A blockout Honeycomb Blind will reduce solar heat gain.

- Do you have passers-by or nosy neighbours who can see in through the sliding door? Opt for a blind with blockout fabric. 

- Is the outside noise level an issue? A Honeycomb Blind will help to reduce noise levels from both inside and outside the home.

- Is there small children or pets present in the home? A cordless blind is the most suitable option to ensure child safety.

Take these questions and use the answers to help narrow down your sliding door blind options. Not all blinds will suit your needs and once you have used the functionality of the blind to narrow down your options, use your interior décor style and what looks best in your home to determine the best blinds for your sliding door.

Sliding Door HC

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