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Best Blinds to Soundproof a Room

When it comes to reducing sound and noise from entering the home there are a few handy and inexpensive ways to help soundproof a room. Whether it be eliminating sound from outside entering the home or blocking out noise from inside the home, it’s important to understand how sound travels and how to reduce its impact.

If you live on a busy road, have planes fly over your home regularly, live next to noisy neighbours, work from home or simply just like some peace and quiet, then finding a soundproofing solution for your home is necessary. Sound is a form of energy that, put simply, travels outwards from the source causing objects and materials such as glass windows and doors to vibrate. Sound can travel through doors, windows, walls until it reaches your ears, making it tricky to completely blockout. However, there are a few ways to reduce sound and using a combination of these techniques will have you well on your way to a soundproof room!


One way to soundproof a room and reduce noise from entering your home through your glass windows and doors is to add blinds. By adding an extra layer to your windows and doors, you can help to create a barrier for sound entering the home. One way blinds help to soundproof a home is by absorbing the sound once it passes through the windows. Any blinds added to your windows will help to reduce noise as you are adding an extra barrier to entry, however blinds with higher insulation properties are better at eliminating sound. Below is a list of the best blinds to soundproof a room and how they might work best in your home.

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Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds are the superior choice when it comes to blinds that help to soundproof a room. Their uniquely designed cellular structure helps to trap noise within the cells, preventing the sounds from entering the home. This also works with sound from inside the home as the fabric cells absorb the sound, making them a great solution for homes with hard flooring, small children and in rooms such as media rooms. For the best sound reduction properties, opt for a Honeycomb Blind with a blockout fabric and double cells to increase the soundproofing in a room.

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Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are a great blind option for those wanting the look of curtains but the functionality of blinds. Roman Blinds help to soundproof the home through their thick, dense fabric, helping to absorb sounds inside and outside the home. Choosing a Roman Blind with a blockout lining will again help to add another layer of sound absorbing fabric. Where possible, select the thickest fabric available making those sound absorbing layers even thicker and harder for sound to travel through.

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Timber Venetian Blinds

If you are unable to select a blind type that is made from fabric such as Honeycomb Blinds and Roman Blinds, opt for a Timber Venetian Blind. As timber is a natural insulator, those properties will help to also reduce noise in the home. Where possible, opt for an inside mounted Timber Venetian Blind to eliminate gap for sound to travel through. Timber Venetian Blinds with ‘Smart Privacy’ slats will also help to reduce gaps as they don’t have any slots and offer a tighter closure, again helping to minimise sound entering the home. Timber Venetian Blinds can also be combined with other window treatments such as curtains to help increase the soundproofing in a room.

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Soundproofing Tips

Blinds are just one way to soundproof a room. As sound can travel not only through windows but also walls and solid doors, it’s important to combine soundproofing techniques to increase protection. Below is a list of some inexpensive soundproofing tips you can implement at home.

Seal cracks and gaps

Just as you would to protect your home from the winter chill or summer heat, sealing up cracks and gaps around windows and doors will help to protect your home from outside noise. Take your time to assess all windows and doors and fill in any gaps with a sealant, which can be easily purchased from a local hardware store.

Add soft furnishings

It might sound simple but by adding soft furnishings to your homes décor you can help to absorb sound in the time. Similar to how fabric blinds absorb sound, furnishings such as lounge suites, rugs, cushions and throws will all contribute to help minimise sound.

Double glazed windows

Whilst not the most inexpensive soundproofing technique, double glazed windows are an effective way to reduce sound. Glazed windows combined with noise reducing blinds is a combination that will protect your home for years to come.  

Protect the outside

Adding a protective layer in front of your windows on the outside of your home will also help to create another barrier. Try planting hedges or larger trees to create a natural way to block noise from entering the home.

Cover walls

If you are finding that sound is travelling between rooms in the home, try covering the walls. Hang textured artwork or install shelving. This could be a bookshelf filled with books or a set of shelves and use soft home décor accessories to fill the empty spaces. Again, books and soft furnishings will help to absorb some of the sound before it can travel through internal walls.

Using a combination of blinds and other soundproofing techniques, you can easily and efficiently reduce the amount of noise entering the home. Another effective solution which doesn’t necessarily absorb or reduce sound but masks the sound, it to create white noise. Take these handing tips to soundproof a room and hear the effects immediately. Start by installing sound reducing blinds and use the other techniques to create complete soundproofing. 

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