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The Best Window Covering For Large Windows

December 08, 2021

The Best Window Covering For Large Windows

The Best Window Covering For Large Windows

Fitting your larger windows can sometimes be a difficult task. Sometimes the style you want may not come wide enough to cover your span. There are some solutions to this that we will discuss in this blog post.

Most of our styles of honeycomb blinds will reach out to a maximum of 2500. Windows larger than this may be covered by our Cordloop or Vertical Honeycombs.

Cordloop Honeycombs run off a similar mechanism to our chain driven roller blinds except instead of a chain they have a loop of fabric like a rope roughly .5cm wide. Cordloops can reach a large span of 3000mm! Thats usually more than enough to cover most windows.



For Windows larger than that or potentially door ways we have our Vertical Honeycombs. These guys are built for the larger spans with a maximum width of 3700. These function by running on runners within a top track. and you open and close it by sliding the main bar across.



If you have a window even larger than this or like the style and function of our other blinds but they are unable in your width, it is possible to put 2 or more blinds across the one window. Depending on your setup this may actually give you greater control and better looks for your window.

Fitting multiple blinds into the one window can sometimes be a little tricky but if you are running into any issues then you can contact us via Phone on 07 3262 6888 and we can talk you through it, or even better yet, Send us an email to  with a photo of the window in it and we can assist you further with finding the right mounting options for your blinds and window.


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