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Honeycomb Blinds are the Ultimate Heat Insulator in Summer

December 03, 2021

Honeycomb Blinds are the Ultimate Heat Insulator in Summer

Honeycomb Blinds are the Ultimate Heat Insulator in Summer

Many of our Customers come to us with the issue of excessive heat entering their home via windows and doors.  Heat enters a home by radiant heat and direct thermal penetration.


Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is best described as sun heating up a surface such as a piece of furniture or the floor.  The sun coming through the window heats the surface and that surface then becomes a big radiator.  By cutting out the sun’s powerful rays (Sunblock) the surface no longer heats up and radiates heat.



Thermal Heat

Thermal heat penetration occurs when it is hot outside and it is cooler inside the home … or visa versa.  The heat/cold from outside enters the home via a window or door, as glass does not offer any effective insulation.


The Ultimate in Insulation

Veneta’s Honeycomb blinds offer the ultimate in insulation by cutting out the direct sun (sunblock) with either blockout or light filter fabric options, blocking the radiant heat … and the cellular structure acts as an insulation blanket between the glass on windows and doors, and the inside of your home. 

Air is one of the best insulators so the cell structure maximises this by absorbing the heat and powerful sun rays on the outside facing edge of the fabric, the cell which is filled with air, forms the insulation barrier, and the inside fabric blocks the heat from entering the room.  A savings of up to 38% in energy bills has been recorded for both heating and cooling of the home through the use of our Honeycomb blinds.


So many Honeycomb options

Our Vertical blind Honeycomb blinds are a popular choice for sliding doors, bifold doors and larger window openings.  Our Skylight option is available in both blockout and Light filter fabric options which offers not only insulation but light options for your Skylight.

There are many options available in our horizontal blinds including a standard bottom up option, Dual View that allows you to open the blind from either the top or the bottom or a combination of both which is a very popular choice with Victorian, Edwardian and Hampton style homes with double hung windows.  We even have a Day Night option which is effectively two different blind fabrics combined in the one blind for the ultimate in light control.

Honeycomb Blinds make an easy DIY Insulation improvement to your home.  Please speak to one of the Veneta Team for more details and support.

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