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Choosing a Honeycomb blind cell size to suit you!
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We know what you're thinking ... Why do I need to know about cell sizes?  Well, we want to ensure you are well versed in selecting the best product for your space and the only way to do that is to know all your options, right?

That's where we come in.  We're here to make your life easier by providing quality information relevant to your situation!

All DIY Honeycomb blinds online offer excellent insulation benefits from heat/cold and noise.  A double cell will provide greater insulation benefits over the single-cell however, the look must also be considered when reviewing the cell options. 


Cell sizes from the front!

25mm Single Cell

45mm Single Cell

45mm Double Cell


Single Cell 25mm

25mm single cell has closer spacing in between the pleats.  The 25mm single cell offers insulation benefits and generally comes with a smaller headrail making it ideal for those smaller reveal spaces or instances where there is not enough room due to door/window handles.



Single Cell 45mm

45mm single cell has fewer folds in the pleats and this creates a softer look for the room.  The 45mm single has a larger cell and offers excellent insulation benefits that are greater than the 25mm Cell.

As it is a larger cell this requires a larger headrail.  Please make sure you check the amount of reveal (Space from the window to the front of the window framing) you decide on this cell size.


Double Cell 45mm

45mm double cell also has a larger cell and looks the same from the front as the 45mm single cell.  It has two cells; one behind the other.  This provides the greatest thermal efficiency of all the products we sell.


Save up to 70% when you DIY

Did you know you can easily measure and install your blinds yourself?  This will save you up to 70% when compared to retail measure & install services.

Phil, our Window Furnishing Expert & Hot Chilli Addict has created a video to show you exactly how easy it is.  If you have any issues, give us a call and ask for Phil, he'll happily talk you through the process.



Choosing the right colour can be difficult, but we have a solution!

Did you know you can get 12 FREE colour samples sent straight to your door?  We want to ensure you choose the right colour for your home.  Choose from over 60 Honeycomb colour options today!

I want to choose my colours now!

Click SHOP NOW to browse Honeycomb blinds.

Choose your option and start building your blinds virtually on our website.  Measure your windows, select your options, get instant pricing, order samples, and have your made to measure blinds delivered to your door.

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