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Honeycomb DIY blinds are one of the most versatile window covering solutions as they offer their unique cellular structure in a variety of transparency options, Block out, Light filter and Sheer.  Let’s explore them in a little more detail!


 Blockout, as the name implies, blocks out the light using foil lining within the cell.  They are cleverly designed in a way that the material runs in-line with the headboard to ensure there is a minimal light gap (3mm) between the reveal and the material, providing you with more blockout control which is perfect for bedrooms.  The material is also manufactured in a way that it blocks out the outside light regardless of the colour you choose due to the foil lining within the cell.



Light Filter

Light filter is often best described as holding a bedsheet up to the window.  The fabric will glow with the outside light and will reduce the glare within your home bringing complete harmony to your surroundings.  Nevertheless, the light filter still provides you with some privacy.  If it is dark outside and your lights are on inside only vague shadows will be visible from outside as occupants walk past a window.



Sheer Fabric

Sheer fabric is best described, in the crudest of fashions, like flyscreen.  It will block out UV light and provide a shade within the home, however you can clearly see through the blind fabric.  A little trick to consider is that the lighter the fabric, the harder to see through the sheer fabric.  A black sheer is far easier to see through than a white sheer.




Q: Should I choose corded or cordless?
A: Cords help with larger windows where it may be harder to reach the bottom rail. When you choose cordless blinds, you gently pull a tab on the bottom rail with little effort.

 Q: How do I choose colours?

A: It's easy to choose colours when you select your window blind options on Veneta's online store, and you can order free samples.

 Q: How do Honeycomb Blinds keep heat in?

A: The Honeycomb Cells contain pockets of air, creating an insulating effect, reducing temperatures in Summer, and protecting you from external chills in Winter.

  Q: Are Honeycomb Blinds strong?

A: Yes, Honeycomb Blinds are extremely durable and keep their shape.


Like some assistance?  Give our team at Veneta a call on (07) 3262 6888 or if you’re ready to build your blind and add measurements, simply shop now.

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