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Child Safety, Veneta's Priority
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At Veneta Blinds Online, we believe there's nothing more important than safety for the children in our lives.


With over 45 years of research and development Veneta is constantly implementing product improvements to ensure child safety is a top priority. Unfortunately, corded window furnishings can pose a serious risk to children and pets through entanglement and strangulation.

Veneta has taken special care to ensure that all our corded window furnishings are either fitted with safety breakaway tassels or cord guides to keep cords out of reach for little ones.

Safety tassels are a simple but effective system fitted our blinds cords that in the event of entanglement, the cords are released away from the blind and fall to the floor. Wall cleats are also provided to tie cords off high up from the ground when not in use.


Cord guides are another simple solution that always keep our looped cords up off the ground and under tension.


These are all great solutions; however, the best solution is to have no cords at all! Veneta offer a wide range of Cordless window furnishings; everything from Honeycomb to Roller to Roman Blinds can be made without cords!


Now I’m sure you're immediately thinking of an old-school cordless blind that you have to rip like a lawnmower cord before it goes careering towards the top of your window at speed. Don’t worry though, we’ve fixed that too. At Veneta we use a gentle and reliable cordless system that allows you to raise and lower the blind with a finger. Effortlessly the blind will raise, lower, and stay wherever you place it in the window!


Veneta’s Cordless blinds mean ease of use, peace of mind and most importantly safety for our little loved ones.



Like some assistance?  Give our team at Veneta a call on (07) 3262 6888 or if you’re ready to build your blind and add measurements, simply shop now.

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