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The best blinds for doors
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Your ultimate guide 

 Here's your ultimate guide to finding the best blinds for doors with windows. Whether you have French doors, sliding doors, front doors, or caravan doors, we explain the pros and cons of each solution.



First and foremost, the best way to buy blinds for doors is to ensure a perfect fitting blind that is held securely in place. The last thing you need is for your blind to flap around each time the door moves. Ready-made blinds aren't made to fit perfectly to a door frame, so a custom blinds made to your measurements, and designed to fit securely, is always the best solution.




A common issue for some french doors is that decorative handles get in the way of functionality. Wherever a blind drops behind a handle, the solution would be to install a shallow blind that fits comfortably between the door and decorative handle allowing enough room for your hand to grip and turn the handle. If the handle is a pull handle (as above) or knob, you can simply drop the blind down the centre of the door with the width allowing a finger gap between the edge of the blind and handle.

Blinds for doors will be mounted on the outside of the window with hold-down brackets because the window has no reveal depth. One exceptional product is Smartfit® Honeycomb Blinds which fasten at the top and bottom of the door opening, holding them in place to avoid movement when swinging the door open or closed. Other suitable blind styles include Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, micro Venetian Blinds, and other Honeycomb Blinds



Living room with vertical honeycomb and sliding door

If you're looking to cover large sliding doors, then a vertical Honeycomb blinds sliding system is recommended. The look of Vertical Honeycomb Blinds is modern and elegant. With this sliding system, the frame runs along the top and down each side of the sliding door entry. 

Vertical Honeycomb Blinds are also ideal for internal partition use, including laundry and storage areas within the home. Opening and closing these cordless blinds are enabled via a simple finger tab. Fabric options include block out, light filter, and sheer enabling a variety of light enhancement options.



Front door windows come in numerous shapes and sizes and may present many challenges. The good news is that there's a variety of suitable blind options, and there's no reason why you can't control light and privacy like other windows in your home.

Micro aluminium Venetian blinds and cellular Honeycomb blinds are an inexpensive option and take up little space when raised. Roman blinds and Roller blinds offer an excellent selection of fabric and colour options, which is important if you are looking to match other interior decor finishes. Plantation Timber Shutters have a high level of finish, and although more expensive, they add value and a great first impression when used in entry sidelight windows.

Veneta® Blinds has a wide range of door finishes that takes the effort out of shopping blinds for your home. Putting a little thought into window coverings makes a big difference overall. The result is aesthetically beautiful and smart fit-for-purpose solutions that enhance the living environment within your home.


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