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How to Choose the Best Bedroom Blinds

The bedroom is a space in the home where most of us go to relax and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. So, when it comes to finding the best day night bedroom blinds, it’s important that they blockout the sun, ensure privacy when required, are easy to maintain and suit your interior décor style.

Whilst it is important to ensure that the bedroom blind can blockout the sun and ensure privacy, it is also important to have control over natural light entering the room when desired. With these points in mind, take a look at the different types of blinds that are best for the bedroom and the factors to consider when deciding.

How to choose bedroom blinds?

When it comes to buying blinds for the bedroom, there are a few points to consider. Ask yourself these questions first, to help narrow down your bedroom blind options. 

  • Is privacy or view more important?
  • Do you want to filter sunlight throughout the day?
  • Will the bedroom blinds easily get dirty?
  • Is insulation important?
Types of Bedroom Blinds

There are a wide range of blinds to suit the bedroom environment and your needs and wants will determine the best type of bedroom blind for you.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are the quintessential Australian blind. They are very adaptable to many different décor styles, are easy to operate and maintain. Because they are so adaptable, it makes them a great option for bedroom blinds.

Opting for a blockout fabric will help to increase your privacy and blockout majority of the sun, preventing those early morning wakeup calls.

Bedroom Roller Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are an excellent feature bedroom blind. With their stylish and sophisticated look of curtains, they can truly make a space feel vibrant and tie in well with a classic, traditional or minimalist interior décor style.

A Roman Blind with a blockout lining, will help to increase privacy and blockout out the sun. You can control light by simply raising or lowering the blind from the bottom up.

Roman Blinds Bedroom

Honeycomb Blinds

With a diverse range of models available there is a Honeycomb Blind to work for every bedroom window situation. Whether you have double hung windows, french doors or just standard slider windows, Honeycomb Blinds are a great way to protect your privacy whilst allowing natural sunlight to filter into the bedroom.

Try Day and Night Honeycomb Blinds for complete blockout at night and sheer view during the day or Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Blinds for privacy whilst allowing sunlight to enter the room. If insulation is important to you, then Honeycomb Blinds are an excellent choice to keep your bedroom cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Honeycomb Day & Night Blinds

Venetian Blinds

A very versatile bedroom blind, with the option of Timber Venetian, Timber Look Venetian, or Aluminium Venetian. All Venetian Blinds function through tilting of the slats to control light and privacy to the desired position. The patented ‘Smart Privacy’ slats have no slots which allows for a snug closure, reducing the amount of light leakage through the blind.

With a range of paint and stain options available for the Timber and Timber Look Venetian and a wide range of colours in the Aluminium, there is a Venetian Blind to suit any décor style.

PVC Venetian Blinds Bedroom
Bedroom Window Types
Slider Windows

Slider windows are one of the most common bedroom window types in Australian homes. They are simple to operate and can be covered by a wide range of blinds. Some of the most common bedroom blinds used are Bottom Up Honeycomb Blinds, Roller Blinds, and Timber Venetian Blinds.

Slider Window

Single and Double Hung Windows

Single hung windows consist of one fixed sash and one that is moveable. Double hung windows have two sashes which are moveable. In both cases, the best type of bedroom blind is a Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Blind. This allows for the blind to be manoeuvred from the top or the bottom, matching the functionality of the double sash window.

Single Hung Windows

Bay Windows

A bay window is a feature in a home and usually comprises of three windows. Most blinds will work with a bay window however to keep with the classic style, Roman Blinds are a great fit. A cordless Honeycomb Blind is also a good choice, eliminating any dangling cords from the blinds. 

Bay Window

Sliding Glass Doors

A bedroom with sliding glass doors is usually connected to a balcony or deck. Being able to easily access the outdoors is crucial however, also ensuring privacy without compromising the view, is essential. Vertical Honeycomb Blinds are design to operate similar to a sliding glass door, moving horizontally and folding to a very minimal stack.

Sliding Glass Doors


A skylight window is the perfect way to allow natural sunlight to enter a room. However, if you have skylights located in bedrooms then blocking out the sun is sometimes essential. Specially designed Skylight Honeycomb Blinds are the best solution, as they won’t sag when installed and are easy to operate with a removable pole.

Skylight Honeycomb Blind

Selecting the right type of bedroom blinds to suit your window type will help to improve the atmosphere in your bedroom. It will make your windows and doors more practical and prevent any obstructions, making it easier to operate windows and doors. 

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