PVC Venetian Blinds

Custom PVC (Fauxwood) venetian blinds with Smartprivacy™ technology and cordless control options available

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Colour: PVC Designer White Smooth
Product Description
  • All product specifications, and any deductions we take for reveal fit are listed under "Drive Control Options" section, which is listed below on this page.
  • Venetian blinds are great for offering flexibility on how you position them for selected view control, whilst allowing lots of light and air to circulate
  • Award winning SmartPrivacy® performance Fauxwood (PVC) blinds, no old fashion slot holes in the slats 
  • New Ultimate Cordless model has a pivoting bottom rail for tighter closure of the blind from top to bottom of the blind
  • New Ultimate Cordless has a self levelling bottom rail that prevents unwanted slanting of slats during operation.
  • Ultimate cordless has an innovate built in light block headrail.
  • Durable & long lasting Polyvinyl formulation resists fading, warping & cracking
  • 100% waterproof slats and are the ideal choice for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens, laundries.
  • Designer colours in smooth finishes and Fauxwood (PVC) timber grain finishes
  • Faux timber finishes have a 3D texture you can see and feel
  • Long lasting colour finishes are used to resist fading in the harsh Australian sun
  • Traditional 50mm slat or generous 63 mm slat meaning less slats over the height of the blind giving more view and light into the room
  • Add an optional valance for a high quality look and finish to your venetian
  • Available in new Ultimate cordless and corded control options
  • Worlds best cordless technology, rated "Best for kids" in cordless option as no cord entanglement dangers for children or pets
  • For corded blinds our single corded lift consolidates all cords for easy operation
  • Tilt control in wand for cordless option and corded tilt control for corded options
  • Maximum available width 2438mm
  • Our samples are the same premium materials used to create the final product, Shop Safe knowing what material quality you are actually getting for the price.
  • Please note venetian blinds only offer room darkening light control. They don’t provide a complete light blockout solution as there will be some light leakage between the slats and around the perimeter of the blind
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