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Venetian Blinds: Customer Q&A
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Venetian Blinds are as popular today as ever; they add value to a home and have become a feature in many homes around the world. And why shouldn’t they be… They look fashionable, they block out heat and light and they are an added element to a home’s architecture.

Venetian Blind Closeup Light

As long as three centuries ago, Venetian blinds were used for both decorative purposes and blocking out light. Amazingly, even before this time the ancient Egyptians used reeds to construct similar blinds and the Chinese used bamboo strips. They all served the same purpose, which illustrates what an important function Venetian blinds serve.

Venetian blinds today have advanced a lot compared with the past. In fact, there are more options now than ever before. Depending on your needs you can use different types of materials, ladders, colours, slat sizes and even different textures.

Our goal at Veneta Blinds is to help you make an educated decision when you’re choosing and buying your blinds. Below we answer some frequently asked questions about Venetian Blinds.

Timber Venetian Wide

Q: What materials are best for heat and energy efficiency?

A: Timber or natural materials hold up best. Specifically Timber, is the best type of Venetian blind in terms of heat and energy efficiency. When closed, they block out heat and light very well from the outside. While Aluminium blinds also work to block out light, the thin slats allow heat to be transferred easily - making it hot in summer and cold in winter. Basically, they're not a huge help from an insulation point of view. Timber look is almost as good as timber but doesn’t hold heat quite as well – and of course it’s more energy intensive to make as it’s not a natural product.

Q: Are different sized slats used for more than just aesthetic value?

A: Yes, the size or width of the slat is used for more than just an aesthetic value. From a functional viewpoint, the bigger the size, the clearer view you will have out the window. Slat size comes down to what material you choose. Aluminium blinds are available in the thinnest slat size of 25mm. While Aluminium is budget friendly, they will not allow you to see out of your window as much as Timber and Timber Look Venetians. Veneta Blinds offers two different slat sizes for timber Venetians; a 50mm slat or a 63mm slat for a more plantation style window covering.

Venetian Closeup

Q: Is it best to go with a Painted or Stained venetian blind?

A: Veneta Blinds offer you an appealing variation of popular finishes to suit any home or décor. For a natural look and feel we recommend the deep textured look of the wood grains in our stain finished venetian blinds. The stain finish highlights the rich beauty of the unique wood grain texture, showing off the natural elements of the wood. The colour choice is really dependent on your house and the colour scheme you have in a room. Funnily enough, for those who have a lot of heavy and dark wood in a house it’s often good to go for a white colour to offset the darker shades as white is also a lot neater and makes a home look brighter.

Q: What are the crucial differences between Aluminium, Timber and Timber look?

A: When it comes to price, aluminium is the cheapest. However, it is a lot harder to match your current décor with aluminium blinds. Timber is generally the most expensive, but it can add another dimension to the architecture of your house and like any home investment, blinds of exceptional quality will provide long term value and appreciation. Timber look is an alternative to wood and aluminium. While it is built to last and stands up to sunlight, it doesn’t have quite the same feel as wood. It can, however, be used to match the decor in your home and works particularly well for wet areas. The choice you make will ultimately come down to your budget, the style you are looking for and the climate you are living in. You need to decide what’s most important to you and also remember that spending a little more could save in other areas, such as heating bills.

Timber Venetian Kitchen

Have a question that we haven’t covered?  Make contact with our friendly customer service team on (07) 3262 6888, Chat online through our website or send an email through our contact page by clicking here.

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