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What Are The Best Plantation Shutters To Get For My Home?
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What Are The Best Plantation Shutters To Get For My Home?

So, you’re thinking of getting plantation shutters? These window treatments are more than just a simple fixture; they are an embodiment of timeless elegance and practical functionality - a truly great option for any home. Here at Veneta Blinds, we believe the best plantation shutters are ones that are designed and customised to your preferences, aesthetic taste, and seamlessly complement the unique style of your home or space. At Veneta, we allow you to design your own shutters, to ensure you have the best window blinds for your home. 

While this is an exciting prospect, it may seem a bit daunting initially. Have no fear! To help you get a better understanding designing custom made plantation shutters, we are going to take you through some of the key customisation considerations. This will help you design the best plantation shutter blinds for your home, providing a clearer vision of what you want, and ensuring a smoother process.


1. Panel Configurations

One of the most important things you will consider initially for your plantation shutters are how many panels you’re going to need. Of course, a measurement of your target window will likely narrow down and single out the number of panels that would work. However, you may be inspired to try smaller or larger panels for other sized windows in your home. 

Currently, we have:


  • One panel: One-panel plantation shutters are a simple and affordable option for small windows. 
  • Two panels: A popular choice for medium-sized windows. They offer more flexibility than one-panel shutters, as they can be opened and closed independently. 
  • Three panels: These offer even more flexibility than two-panel shutters, as they can be opened and closed in three different sections. This allows you to fine-tune the amount of light and privacy that you want in your room
  • Four, five & six panels: These larger set windows will work perfectly for bigger windows and bay windows. They offer the most flexibility in terms of light control and privacy as they have more sections to open and close.

With these larger configurations, you will also have more variety as to how these plantation shutters open up. 

These are what each of the opening types mean: 


  • Left & right opening panels: The most simple of the types, these are window panels that open up to their right or left.
  • Centre opening panels: A common configuration, these involve two window panels that open outwards from the centre where the two panels meet. 
  • Left & right fold opening windows: Also known as bi-fold windows, these are two or more window panels that fold to open or close to the left or right side. 
  • Post windows: Has a vertical post in the centre of the window panel where it opens outwards from.

These are the types of opening configurations you will want to consider based on which ones suit your number of panels, and how you prefer opening your windows. 


2. Colour 

We have three colours for you to choose from when designing your plantation shutters


These are: 


  • Pure White: Our pure white plantation shutters provide a clean, stark look to your windows. They reflect light well and make rooms feel larger. 
  • Silk White: Silk white shutters provide a refined, off-white look that is perfect to contrast subtly with white walls. 
  • Pearl: With its soft, pearlescent finish, the pearl colour exudes subtle elegance and sophistication. Reminiscent of a pale, pale pink, it is a great option if you want to break up your white walls. 

Our wonderful colours are timeless, and will surely fit in well into your home. 




3. Blade Size

We have two blade sizes available for our plantation shutters: 76mm and 89mm. Both of these sizes are very practical and suitable for every home. 

You may prefer 76mm for smaller blades with a slimmer profile. They are easier to clean and good for windows of all sizes, such as small bathroom windows or larger patio windows. 

89mm plantation blades are larger, and come with a few more advantages. More light control is afforded by these blades as they are larger, and have a lessened gap between them, making it easier to shade your space and allow for more privacy in your home. They are also more prominent in their appearance due to their larger blades, making it a more stylish and dramatic option. 

While both blade sizes have different advantages, each is compatible with any home. 


4. Fitting

How your plantation shutters are mounted is another consideration to take into account. 

There are two ways to fit your plantation shutters


  • Reveal Fit: Reveal fit plantation shutters are mounted and installed within the window frame. These are more common of the two. They create a more discreet and streamlined window appearance, as they are integrated within the windows parameters. 
  • Face Fit: Contrasting to the reveal fit, these are mounted to the wall surrounding the window. They provide a larger barrier between the outside light and room. They also have a more accented appearance as it resides outside of the window.

Both fittings provide good functionality, and it is more down to your personal style preference to figure out which of the two is better for your home.

Have A Browse Of Our Plantation Shutters Today

Plantation shutters possess a timeless appeal and will look absolutely fantastic on your windows. Choosing the perfect plantation shutters can seem like an overwhelming process. However, we hope you have found this article helpful in helping you choose the best plantation shutters for your home with Veneta Blinds. 

With our customisation process, you can consider the panel configurations, colour, blade size and fitting to create Custom Plantation Shutters of your dreams. Don’t wait, get started on your order today!

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