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The smartest way to release corded roller blinds!
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Lowering your corded roller blinds is not something we often think much about.  We wind a cord down to lower the blind.  Why improve something so simple and easy to use?  Believe it or not there was room for improvement, and we have done so.

Veneta Blinds are proud to introduce 'Smart Release' DIY Blinds online.  The clever easy-to-use way of raising and lowering your blinds with a single touch, saving you time.

What is Smart Release?




A New Release For Chainloop Blinds

Smart Release is a feature available on our chainloop roller blind range.  Activate by gently tugging the opposite direction of your chain and watch as your roller blind gently rolls itself down to the bottom of the window automatically, just like electric blinds.  Smart Release can be stopped by a slight tug on the other end of the chain when you want the blind to stop lowering.


Like some assistance?  For more information on Smart Release, give our team at Veneta a call on (07) 3262 6888 or if you’re ready to build your DIY blinds online and add measurements, simply shop now. 



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