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Are cordless roller blinds worth seriously considering?

September 02, 2021

Woman using Smart Glide Blind

Are cordless roller blinds worth seriously considering?

For some people, the thought of cordless retractable roller blinds provokes a comical thought:  It's the image of someone sharply pulling on the base of a cordless roller blind, releasing a clunky mechanism that sends the blind jolting upward in a violent convulsion at the top of the window frame.

It's this type of image which has given cordless roller blinds a bad name.  But is there a good alternative?  Is there any cordless roller blinds on the market today that are seriously worth considering?

 woman lifting blind with one finger

Introducing one serious contender ... and it's Smartglide DIY roller blinds from Veneta Blinds.  Smartglide DIY roller blinds are like no other cordless roller blinds in the market today.  They are the modern day solution to providing perfectly smooth and blissfully silent roller blinds.



No release required: 

There is no release required with Smartglide.  A gentle finger prompt enables you to raise and lower the roller blind with minimum effort.  You simply raise the blind with a gentle finger pressure, or lower the blind with a gentle pinch and drop.

Woman pinching smart glide blind to lift 



Easily install:

Smartglide DIY roller blinds are a more robust system.  They are designed for easy do it yourself installation.  The mechanism can be simply adjusted without removal too.  Just think, no more broken brackets or spring tension issues, just a smooth and silent long-lasting mechanism.

Imagine filling your room with light as you walk past each window and silently lift each blind with a finger touch.  Doesn't your home deserve the smoothest, smartest blinds on the market today?

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