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Where To Install Roller Shades for Windows
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Where To Install Roller Shades for Windows

Roller shades for windows offer a timeless aesthetic. They are practical and complimentary to pretty much every interior style with their unassuming profile and colour variety. But, there are plenty of other indoor blinds to choose from. When should you choose to install quality roller blinds over other blind varieties? We are going to take you through which spaces Roller Blinds work best.

Studies & Home Offices

Anyone who works behind a screen knows that even the smallest of distractions can quickly pull you out of a flow state. One of the biggest offenders is glare obstructing your view of the computer monitor. Our custom roller blinds offer Blockout fabric options which can effectively prevent unwanted exterior light sources entering your room.

If you’re unsure if you’d like to commit to a Blockout fabric then you’d be glad to hear that we also offer double roller blinds. Our Designer Day Night Roller Blinds enable you to spec out your windows with two different fabric options on the same mount. This affords the opportunity to make use of the Blockout fabric when needed, but also allows for a secondary fabric option which may pass more natural lighting through your space.

Living Rooms

Roller blinds offer a clean and modern look while also effectively providing privacy and light control. Those who prefer low-maintenance options may also value roller blinds for their simple design. The flat surface area of your fully-extended fabric can be effortlessly dusted, whilst other types of blinds feature slats and pleats which are a little more cumbersome to clean.

This makes them the best roller blinds for families with mischievous kids who may play with the blinds. In addition to this, we also offer cordless roller blinds which are a safer option for areas which are regularly occupied by young children.

For Smaller Spaces

Whether it’s a study or upstairs loft, smaller spaces don’t have to feel so cramped. Certain blinds accommodate smaller spaces well. This is especially the case if you choose a Reveal Fit design when ordering our roller blinds online. This will have your blinds mounted inside of the window frame taking up less space. You could also design your roller blinds to feature a Back Roll which will ensure the fabric doesn’t protrude as far outwards.


The kitchen is probably the one space in your home which gets cleaned more than any other. It requires regular maintenance to address splashes and spills from culinary mishaps. As such, you’re going to want window decorations which are easy to keep tidy.

Our roller blinds for windows are manufactured with polyester fabric which gives them water-resistant attributes. Other materials, like timber, are typically prone to warping when exposed to moisture. This means you won’t have to worry about steam from your cooking causing damage to your blinds.

Dining Room

Roller blinds are perfect for dining rooms as they offer a sleek and modern aesthetic. With over 70+ fabric colour choices, you can effortlessly find a shade which flawlessly complements your decor. Furthermore, they provide excellent light control and privacy, allowing for adjustable ambiance ideal for your dining experience.

A Perfect Fit

With a myriad of window blinds to choose from, roller blinds continue to remain a popular choice for many spaces. Their unassuming appearance and practicality make them more than viable for windows and rooms that require fuss-free lighting solutions.

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