Smartfit™ Honeycomb Blinds

Versatile blind perfect for french doors, glass doors, UPVC windows, tilt & turn windows.

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Colour: Agave Light Filter
Product Description
    • All product specifications, and any deductions we take for reveal fit are listed under "Drive Control Options" section, which is listed below on this page.
    • Smartfit™ Honeycomb blinds can be securely attached to moving windows
    • Perfect for french doors, glass doors, UPVC windows, turn & tilt windows
    • True versatility of opening the blind from both the top & bottom
    • Control light levels with Blockout, Light Filter or Sheer fabric transparencies
    • Cordless operation via handles on top and bottom blind rails
    • Unique Veneta Honeycomb cells insulate for cool in summer & warmth in winter
    • Sound acoustic dampening properties from inside & outside the home
    • Slimline profile, great for narrow window reveals
    • Worlds best cordless technology, rated "Best for Kids" in cordless option as no cord entanglement dangers for children or pets
    • Maximum width available is 1800mm
    • Sheer fabric in 25mm or 45mm single cell only not double cell.
    • Light filter or blockout in 25mm, 45mm single and 45mm double cell options.
    • Our samples are the same premium fabric cuts used to create the final product, Shop Safe knowing what material quality you are actually getting for the price.
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