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Smartfit™ Honeycomb Blinds

  • Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds In White
    Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds In Grey
    Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds In Black
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    • Smartfit™ blinds are securely attached to moving windows
    • Suitable application for boats, caravans and french doors
    • The versatility of an open window at the top or bottom 
    • Control light with Blockout fabric or Light Filter fabric
    • Cordless operation via handles on top and bottom rails
    • Unique cellular fabric traps air within fabric pockets
    • Energy efficient reducing your power bills by up to 36%
    • Easy to clean, durable, hard wearing and long lasting
    • Excellent acoustic properties provides sound absorption 
    • Slimline profile therefore great for narrow window reveals

    Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds In White
    Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds In Grey
    Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds In Black
    • Load image into Gallery viewer, Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds In White
    • Load image into Gallery viewer, Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds In Grey
    • Load image into Gallery viewer, Smartfit Honeycomb Blinds In Black

    Honeycomb Shades

    Room darkening fabrics offer homeowners the ability to significantly block out the sunlight reducing up to 100% UV light. While light filtering fabrics have a range of UV transmission and can create softer lighting for any room in the home. Light filter fabrics offer a heavily screened view of the streetscape while maintaining good daylight privacy.

    Turn-Tilt Windows

    This top down bottom up Smartfit™ Honeycomb blind is ideal for your turn-tilt windows and turns with it when you open or tilt the window. Operate both the top and bottom of your Honeycomb blind via handle controls for control over the light and your privacy. These blinds have a white back as standard. White reflects the light.

    Cell Sizes

    A gallery of colours and opacities are available in two unique cell sizes. The smaller cell offers a more traditional pleated shade look giving your room a snug and cosy feel. The larger cell is great for larger windows and doors giving your décor a more contemporary and elegant edge.

    Light Effect

    Choose from light filter and light blockout fabrics. Light Filter fabric will let some light in during the day, but you may be able to see through it from the outside at night, if the light is on inside the room. Blockout shades will darken the room during the day, and provide maximum privacy.


    The unique construction of our honeycomb insulates your home from cold during winter and heat in summer to lower your energy bills. Choose from single or double cell for your design and energy efficiency needs. Double cell offers the most effective insulation.

    Smartfit™ Honeycomb blinds are specifically designed for turn-tilt windows, french doors, caravan and boat windows.

    Effortlessly open the window furnishing with finger grips at the top and bottom of the window (Extension handle available).

    Honeycomb blinds are the most energy-efficient blinds on the market and help balance climate extremes.

    The Versatile Blinds

    SmartFit™ Honeycomb blinds are the perfect solution to narrow window reveals and tight spaces. Originally designed for use on French doors, but now used in many different applications from caravans to boats. An extremly versatile window covering that has top down and bottom up functionality along with cordless operation using handles on the top and bottom rails.

    Energy Savings

    Available in light filter and blockout fabrics with single or double cells. Honeycomb blinds are made with unique cellular structured fabric that traps air within their pockets to create layers of insulation. A saving of up to 34% on your energy bills has been recorded for both heating and cooling of the home through the use of Honeycomb blinds.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best blinds for French doors?

    A common issue for some french doors is that decorative handles get in the way of functionality. Wherever a blind drops behind a handle, the solution would be to install a shallow blind that fits comfortably between the door and decorative handle allowing enough room for your hand to grip and turn the handle. If the handle is a pull handle or knob, you can simply drop the blind down the centre of the door with the width allowing a finger gap between the edge of the blind and handle. One exceptional product is Smartfit® Honeycomb blinds which fasten at the top and bottom of the door opening, holding them in place to avoid movement when swinging the door open or closed. Other suitable blind styles include Roller blinds, Roman blinds, micro Venetian blinds, and other Honeycomb blinds

    How do you hang blinds on a caravan?

    When it comes to hanging blinds in your caravan or boat, the process for installing Veneta® Smartfit™ Honeycomb blinds is just as simple as if you were to hang the blinds for your home. We provide DIY 'How To' Videos for you to follow, as well as complete instructions with your delivery. If you still need help, we're always here for you. You can book a Free Video Consultation and talk us through your windows over the phone. It's just like we're there with you! Would you like to Book a Video Consultation?

    What are the best blinds for boats?

    Veneta® offers the perfect custom made blinds specifically designed for boats. Whether you're looking for large or small boat window coverings, Veneta® have you covered with a range of blinds that are designed for narrow window reveals and the conditions on a boat. Upgrade your boat interior with the latest look in high quality affordable window coverings that will last you for years to come. Two of our best value for money boat blinds are Smartfit™ Honeycomb blinds and Slimline Aluminium Venetian blinds.

    Easy Install DIY Blind System

    We have taken into consideration the various levels of skill found with DIYers and with that in mind, our easy to install system not only offers a quick and reliable installation, but a finished look you would expect from a professionally installed Timber Venetian.