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Do Plantation Shutters Add Value To Your Home?
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Do Plantation Shutters Add Value To Your Home?

Are you thinking about revamping your indoor shutters? Unsure about which window shutter type will be the best for your home? You may have the classic plantation shutter on your mind as a viable shutter option for good reason. They are stylish, and promote an airy, open spaced feel in any space. However, will the plantation shutter blind be able to add true value to your home? 

If you’re unfamiliar with plantation shutters, they are interior window shutters with horizontal louvres that can be tilted to control light and airflow within the home. They are typically made of wood, but can also be made of other materials, such as vinyl or PVC. 

If you’re unsure on whether they will truly be the best addition to your home, read on about the characteristics of made to measure plantation shutters, and how they will influence and potentially add value to your home. 


1. Optimal Light Control 

If your home gets a lot of natural light, or even too much, then you might benefit from plantation shutters. They allow you to precisely control the amount of light that enters your home, reducing excess glare that often comes with homes that are exposed to too much light. 

For tasks such as reading and staring at computer screens, you don’t want your eyes to be too overwhelmed and strained. Thus, the plantation shutter would work well near reading nooks, or in your home office. 


2. Good For Warmer Weather 

Plantation shutters are best for climates with warmer weather, making them popular in Australian homes, particularly those exposed to a lot of sun.

Plantation shutters can help to keep homes cool in hot, humid climates by blocking out the sun and trapping hot air outside. They can also help to improve ventilation by allowing air to circulate freely through the louvres.

Plantation shutters can help to keep homes warm in mild winters by trapping heat inside. They can also help to reduce energy costs by reducing heat loss.

If you want this level of heat control in your home, then the plantation shutter will do the trick!



3. Aesthetic Value 

Plantation shutter blinds are endlessly versatile in terms of their compatibility in different aesthetics:

  • Traditional: In a traditional home, plantation shutters can be used to complement other traditional elements, such as the hardwood floors and crown moulding.
  • Transitional: In a transitional home, plantation shutters can be paired with both traditional and contemporary elements. This includes a traditional sofa with contemporary throw pillows or a traditional dining table with contemporary chairs.
  • Coastal: In a coastal home, plantation shutters can be paired with other coastal elements, such as whitewashed walls, light wood furniture, and seagrass rugs. White plantation shutters especially are strongly associated with coastal homes.
  • Farmhouse: In a farmhouse home, plantation shutters can be paired with other farmhouse elements, such as exposed beams, and distressed furniture for rustic detailing.

The plantation shutter has the potential to add value and style to a variety of interior types.


 4. Level Of Privacy 

Generally speaking, plantation shutters will often not be used in rooms or places that require complete privacy. There are often small gaps between the louvres, as well as light and shadows that can be seen through them. 

To combat this, you can get custom plantation shutters that have a larger louvre size, such as 89mm. Or, in combination with curtains and drapes over the louvres. If privacy is a big factor in your blinds, then you might need to consider how plantation shutters can accommodate this need. 


5. Skylight Plantation Shutters

It is often common to see plantation shutters used as skylight blinds. This is due to a combination of the first two characteristics mentioned. 

Skylights can be a major source of heat loss and gain in your home. This, combined with the insulation properties of the plantation shutters can lead to lower energy bills, and a more comfortable indoor temperature in any room. 

Skylights are a prominent source of light for any room. However, too much light can also be a problem, causing glare on screens and furniture fading over time. Skylight plantation shutters allow you to reduce this glare of the sun that skylights capture, without sacrificing natural light. The horizontal slats are easily dimmable and adjustable. If your skylight is located in the living space or office room, then a plantation shutter would be a valuable addition. 


Buy Custom Plantation Shutters Online For Your Windows

Custom made plantation shutters are a truly stunning addition to any window space. They are appreciated for their practical and aesthetic benefits, however, factors such as privacy may be a point of debate as to whether their use can be maximised in your home. Overall, it is important to weigh these factors in order to determine where and how it can add value to your home. 

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