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What Blinds Are Best For Small Windows?
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What Blinds Are Best For Small Windows?

You might have small windows in your home left uncovered in your bedroom, bathroom, or dining space. Whether they are higher up on your walls, or eye level, you might like to think about getting blinds to cover them. This will ensure that you have the option of added privacy in your space. 

But what are the best blinds for smaller windows? Generally, small window blinds should be sleek, simple to use, and space saving. Not every type checks off all of these characteristics, so it is important to know the shutters and blinds that are most likely to, therefore accommodating your small window. 

1. Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great option for small window shades. The material isn’t thick and is unobtrusive in its design. They offer a clean, streamlined look that doesn't overpower small windows. They are simple to operate, as they roll up neatly and compactly at the top of the window pane for easy visibility and a smooth profile. 


They come in three different ranges: 

Designer Roller Blinds

This Australian window covering solution features lightweight construction ideal for many windows, with options in Blockout, Light Filter, and Sunscreen materials for varying transparencies. The system includes innovative Chainless Smartglide® and chain control mechanisms, with a SmartRelease™ option for automatic lowering. Customisable for window reveals, architraves, or walls, it allows front or back roll direction selection and is designed to endure Australia's extreme climate. Premium fabric samples ensure quality and value for money.

Designer Day Night Roller Blinds

This product offers multi-purpose sunshade and light control for Australian windows, with dual roller versatility and a choice of blockout, light filter, or sunscreen fabrics, adaptable for day or night use. The blinds, customisable for various fittings, include Chainless Smartglide® and Chain control options, with the SmartRelease™ system exclusive to single rollers. 

Essential Roller Blinds

The Essentials Roller Blinds offer an affordable choice for budget-conscious buyers, with savings up to 40% on a select range of colours and materials without compromising on quality. These lightweight blinds, ideal for smaller Australian windows, provide UV protection and come with chained control options. Customisable to fit various window types, they can be mounted to the reveal, architrave, or wall, with options for front or back roll. 

2. Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds are excellent for small windows due to their slim, compact profile, which doesn't overpower the limited space. They provide superior insulation, helping to regulate indoor temperatures, and offer versatile light control and privacy options. Their clean, unobtrusive design integrates seamlessly with various interior styles, making them a practical and stylish choice.


We have many different types of honeycomb blinds to choose from, but these are the best for smaller windows: 

SmartFit Honeycomb Blinds

The Smartfit™ Honeycomb blinds, ideal for french doors and various window types, offer flexibility with top and bottom opening options. They come in Blockout, Light Filter, or Sheer fabric transparencies for adjustable light control. These cordless blinds, safe for kids and pets, feature unique insulating cells for thermal efficiency and sound dampening. Their slimline profile suits narrow reveals, with a maximum width of 1800mm. 


Smartfit™ Day/Night Honeycomb Blinds

Combines sheer daytime privacy with a blockout or light filter option for night, offering individual control over each fabric section. Ideal for various window types, its versatility allows for precise light and privacy management. The cordless design, safe for kids and pets, features insulating cells for temperature control and sound dampening, with a slim profile suitable for narrow reveals.


Skylight Honeycomb Blinds

Skylight Honeycomb blinds, specifically designed for the smaller interior skylights, conform to ceiling angles with minimal sag. They feature a cordless control for easy operation, even in hard-to-reach areas, with an optional extension pole. These blinds offer significant energy savings, insulating properties for seasonal comfort, and sound dampening. 

3. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are ideal for small windows due to their adjustable slats, which offer precise control over light and privacy. Their horizontal lines create an illusion of width, enhancing the window's appearance. The compact design doesn't overwhelm the small space, and they're available in various materials and colours to match any decor.


This versatility of the venetian blind is apparent as they come in materials, such as: 

Timber Venetian Blinds

These premium venetian blinds offer flexible positioning for controlled views, allowing ample light and air circulation. The award-winning SmartPrivacy® Timber blinds feature innovative designs like the Ultimate Cordless model with a pivoting bottom rail for tighter closure, and self-levelling to prevent slat slanting. Made from environmentally friendly Phoenixwood and finished with Osmo natural plant oils for durability and rich colour, they're ideal for the Australian climate. 


PVC Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds offer flexible positioning for view and light control, with award-winning SmartPrivacy® Faux Wood blinds eliminating traditional slot holes. The Ultimate Cordless model features a pivoting and self-levelling bottom rail for uniform slat alignment, and a built-in light block headrail. Made from durable, 100% waterproof Polyvinyl, they resist fading, warping, and cracking, ideal for moisture-prone areas. Available in designer colours and textured faux timber finishes, these blinds come in traditional 50mm or wider 63mm slats. They offer optional valances, cordless and corded controls, child and pet-safe technology. While providing room darkening, they don't completely block out light. 


Aluminium Venetian Blinds

These slimline aluminium blinds, featuring 25mm slats, are ideal for narrow reveals, available in a wide colour range, including two perforated options. The head and bottom rails match the slat colour. Durable and easy to clean, they resist scratching, fading, and corrosion, making them perfect for caravans and boats. While providing room darkening, complete light blockout isn't guaranteed. 


The Best Small Window Blinds For Your Home 

Small windows can often remain a forgotten part of the home, but they don't have to be. Blinds are a great addition to their makeup, for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Our top three small window blinds will surely make your small window pop in your home.

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