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Most Popular Indoor Blind Types
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Purchasing new indoor blinds is a great way to not only update and add value to your home by completing the look and feel of the space, but also a simple way to improve your privacy. Indoor blinds also offer benefits such as filtering or blocking out sunlight and street lights, improve temperature control and help you to rely less on heating and cooling appliances.

When it comes to choosing new indoor blinds for your home, first consider your needs and wants for the indoor blinds. Consider how you want the blinds to function in your home, for example, do you want your indoor blinds to assist with insulation? Your indoor blinds should help to improve your home and add benefits to your lifestyle. Whilst each indoor blind offers different functionality and even different benefits, take a look at the most common types of indoor blinds below and see how these could add value to your home and lifestyle.

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Venetian Blinds

The Venetian Blind is one of the most versatile indoor blind solutions, with their horizontal slat design available in Timber, Timber Look and Aluminium. The three types of Venetian Blinds offer a solution for every room in the home with the Timber offering insulation and bringing a natural look and feel to a space. The Timber Look Venetian is the perfect solution for those who want the natural look of Timber Venetians, without the price and a solution for wet areas. The Aluminium Venetian Blind is the most budget friendly option of the three Venetian types. The Aluminium is also very durable and offers a modern look to any space.

Timber Look Venetian Blinds White - Bedroom

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Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds which can also be referred to as Cellular Blinds, are made up of cells that trap air, helping to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. The unique cellular structure not only looks good but also offers sound absorption helping to dampen sounds for those homes on busy roads or with hard flooring. The Honeycomb Blind is very versatile as it suits a number of window applications with its wide variety of models. The Honeycomb Blind comes in a variety of cell sizes, all available in light filter and blockout fabrics. For best insulation in the home, choose a double cell Honeycomb Blind in a blockout fabric.

Motorised Honeycomb - Living Room

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Roman Blinds

The Roman Blind is a traditional style of indoor blind and one that works best with a classic interior décor style. The Roman Blind adds a touch of elegance to any room, with the look and feel of curtains, however with the functionality of blinds. Roman Blinds come in both light filter and blockout fabric, making them a good solution for bedrooms and living spaces. The blockout fabric will help to not only block out sunlight and street lights, but also offer insulation for the home. The Roman Blind can be operated using either a chain or cordless operation, offering a child safe option for those will small children and pets.

Roman Blinds - Living Room

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Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds, also commonly known as Holland Blinds, are a highly versatile indoor blind that can be used throughout any room in the home. Roller Blinds are an unobtrusive indoor blind that rolls up onto a tube at the top of the window frame, making them a great solution not only for windows with a view, but also sliding doors with access to the outside. Roller Blinds can be made with chain, cordless operation or motorisation and come in three fabric transparencies; sunscreen, light filter and blockout. Roller Blinds are a very popular indoor blind solution as they are not only a budget friendly solution but suit a variety of interior décor styles with their simple yet elegant look and feel.

Roller Blind - Living Room

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Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds are a modern indoor blind that are well suited to living rooms and bedrooms. The two layers of fabric alternate to create three different fabric configurations; a sheer view, a dim out view or a combination of the two creating a zebra stripe effect. The Zebra Blind can be either operated using a chain or motorisation, offering a solution to suit any home, giving you the ultimate control over lighting, privacy and view all in the one blind. The Zebra Blind is simple to operate and sophisticated in style, helping to reduce glare, protecting your flooring and furniture.

Zebra Blinds - Lounge Room
Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are an excellent solution for homes with sliding doors to the outside. For any home where you want to bring the outdoors in but also want privacy when you need it, it’s important to choose an indoor blind solution that works for your lifestyle. The Vertical Honeycomb Blind is an unobtrusive indoor blind option that runs parallel to your sliding door, ensuring operation is the same or similar to how you operate your door. The Vertical Honeycomb Blind offers all the same great benefits of the traditional Honeycomb Blind just in a vertical option. Glass panels in the home essentially create large holes for air and heat to be transferred, so covering those glass panels will help to not only offer you the privacy you need but also control the temperature, whilst still offering easy access to the outdoors.

Vertical Honeycomb Blind - Living Room

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