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Types of Honeycomb Blinds
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Honeycomb Blinds, also known as Cellular Blinds, get their name from the shape of the blind cell, which has a honeycomb structure. The super insulating window covering not only offers a modern look and feel to a space, but also offers superior energy efficient properties for the home. The Honeycomb Blind has a unique cellular structure that helps to create a barrier between inside and out, trapping air within its cells. This adds a layer of insulation to your windows which regulates indoor temperatures and keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer, helping you to save on your energy bills. This is what makes them well suited to the extremely hot summers and the cold winters in Australia.

Not only do Honeycomb Blinds help to regulate temperatures, they also offer sound absorption properties, that help to reduce street noise and dampen sounds within the home such as those with hard flooring. A major benefit to Honeycomb Blinds is the variety of models available. This means there is nearly an option for every window and door type, typically found in Australian homes. Before we take a look at the different model types and how they could work in your home, take a look at the different cell sizes and fabric transparencies for Honeycomb Blinds.

Cellular Blinds - Living Room

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Cell Sizes:

The Honeycomb Blind is available in both double and single cells sizes. The different cell sizes offer different levels of insulation for the home and depending on your needs for insulation and noise reduction, will determine which cell size is best for you. If you are wanting the best level of insulation and sound absorption for your home, then choose the double cell. This offers two layers of cells, which creates a double barrier between inside and out.

Fabric Transparencies:

Honeycomb Blinds come in three fabric transparencies; sheer, light filter and blockout. The three transparencies allow different levels of light to enter the home. The sheer allows the most amount of natural sunlight and blockout offering complete privacy with no sunlight able to filter through the fabric. Again, for insulation properties, pair a double cell honeycomb blind with a blockout fabric for the best result.

Honeycomb Blind Model Types:
Bottom Up

The Bottom Up Honeycomb Blind is the standard model in the Veneta range. The blind operates from the bottom up in either Corded, Cordloop or Cordless operation. The difference between the Corded and the Cordloop Bottom Up Honeycomb, is the Corded Honeycomb uses a pull cord to operate the blind up and down, compared to the Cordloop Honeycomb which operates using a looping cord, which means the cord length doesn’t change. The Cordless Honeycomb has handles that attaches to the bottom rail and uses hand control to move the blind up and down.

Honeycomb Bottom Up Blind - Living Room

Top Down Bottom Up

The Dual View Honeycomb Blind is available in either Corded or Cordless operation. The top down bottom up functionality allows you to control the blind from the bottom up and the top down. This gives you superior control over privacy, light and airflow making them a great option for bedrooms and living spaces.

Honeycomb Blinds

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Day and Night

The Day and Night Honeycomb Blind offers the best of both worlds with two blinds in one. The Day and Night Honeycomb Blind comes in two fabric combination options; light filter and sheer and blockout and sheer. Day Night Honeycomb Blinds allow you control light and privacy all throughout the day with the ‘Night’ blind offering full privacy and the ‘Day’ blind allowing you to filter sunlight and offering a discrete level of privacy. The Day and Night Honeycomb can be controlled by either Corded or Cordless operation.

Day and Night Honeycomb Blinds - Study

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Vertical Honeycomb Blinds are the perfect solution for sliding doors and bi-fold doors. The Standard Vertical Honeycomb is available in sheer, light filter or a blockout fabric. The Vertical Honeycomb Blind functions sliding left or right with either a left stack, right stack or centre opening.

Honeycomb Vertical - Bedroom

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The Smartfit Honeycomb Blind is specifically designed for those with narrow window reveals. With the same functionality of the Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Blind, the Smartfit Honeycomb is designed to suit caravans, boats and French doors, only requiring a minimum of 25mm of depth to mount the blind. 

Smartfit Honeycomb Blind - Bathroom

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As the name describes, the Skylight Honeycomb Blind is specifically designed for skylights. The Skylight Honeycomb Blind allows you to have all the great features of the Honeycomb Blind in a version for your skylight, helping to better insulate your home, control natural sunlight as you require it and regulate temperatures.

Skylight Honeycomb Blind

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All Veneta premium DIY blinds including honeycomb blinds are engineered so you can easily customise and DIY ( do it yourself ). Shopping for custom do it yourself blinds online save you a small fortune compared to the cost of retailer overheads, sales team commissions and paying tradespeople to install them for you - in fact, it can be up to a 70% saving.

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